If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
— African Proverb

Our Programs

RiseUp Malawi is a faith based organization. What this means is that we operate from a foundation of biblical truths that inform both our programs and mission. We use the Word of God to encourage & inspire youth in fellowship and to help them find hope in their futures. However, Christian faith is not a requirement for our programs and we welcome children of all faiths to join.


Youth Entrepreneurship Program

One of our first initiatives was to establish a Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) that would cater to at-risk youth in the community.  The YEP after-school program consists of  free computer skills training courses that give some of the most vulnerable youth an opportunity to learn modern technology and software.  It is from this program that we identify students to receive scholarship for further education.


School Scholarship

After establishing the Youth Entrepreneurship Program, we began to hand select stand-out students from the program to attend secondary education.  The goal is that by supporting these students in their secondary education with scholarship, they will be empowered to return to the community to teach and administer to younger students in the program, thus creating a cycle of knowledge sharing.  

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Patricia Page Music Foundation

Our music program was launched in July 2018 in honor of our Director’s mother who passed away from cancer earlier that year. The music program provides a space for creativity and honest and open discussion. Specifically, our program gives youth an opportunity to learn how to write and compose music and is designed to help spread awareness of social issues through song & dance. Our music students also recite verses from the Bible and read poetry to encourage one another. The program is lead by Simon Chirwa, our music director, and Beaver Dzikiti, a local musician who volunteers with RiseUp to teach our students guitar & keyboard.

Farming God’s Way

Because the majority of rural Malawians are subsistence farmers who rely on farming to feed their families, any changes to weather patterns including flooding or dry spells, as well as pest infestations, can cause critical damage to farm outputs resulting in widespread crises and hunger.

In an effort to combat these crises, in 2019 RiseUp Malawi initiated a bi-annual farming training program based on the Farming God’s Way curriculum. This curriculum offers a well-balanced biblical, management & technological solution for equipping the poor to rise above poverty by efficiently using what God has put in their hands.


In addition to the programs outlined below, we dedicate a portion of our funds towards supplying mosquito nets for our youth and other vulnerable persons in the community. These nets protect against malaria and allow our students to remain healthy and able to attend school. We also supply many of these students with soap and other daily essentials to reduce their vulnerability to disease. In addition, we provide emergency food aid in the form of maize bags to families in crisis.